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  1. This Plan will not cover any heating system unless it receives all of its oil (minimum of 500 gallons annually) from Hi-Ho Energy Services Corporation, using our Automatic Delivery System.
  2. All heating systems are subject to inspection prior to allowing coverage or during the term of the contract. Repairs and maintenance required to get the burner in acceptable condition are not covered.
  3. We reserve the right to reject an oil burner from coverage under this plan prior to issuing or renewing this contract. This contract covers one modern, domestic-type oil burner only. It does not apply to oil burners over 25 years old. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend this service plan if your entire heating system or any specific parts become obsolete, or if you neglect to keep non-covered parts of your heating system in good working condition.
  4. Labor is covered only for repair and replacement of covered parts.
  5. Emergency service is defined as no heat during the heating season (September through May), serious fuel leaks or dangerous situations. All non-emergency calls such as noises, minor leaks, oil smells, etc., while the system is functioning (providing heat) must be handled during our normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in order to be covered by this Plan.
  6. The length of this agreement is one year. It will automatically renew at that time unless we are notified of cancellation in writing 30 days prior. We do not pro-rate service plans. This Plan is nonrefundable, but the unused portion can be transferred to a new occupant in the existing facility upon our approval, but not from one heating system to another.
  7. This Service Plan becomes null and void if you have attempted repairs or maintenance yourself or have hired an outside contractor not representing Hi-Ho Energy Services Corporation.
  8. If an appointment is made and no one is home when the service technician arrives, there will be a cancellation fee of $25.
  9. If the customer has a past-due balance or if the customer is more than one month in arrears on SmartPay payments, this contract can be terminated by Hi-Ho Energy Services Corporation at any time and service will not be covered.
  10. From time to time reminders will be sent and calls made to schedule tune-ups/cleanings. However, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to schedule the annual tune-up/cleaning. Tune-ups/cleanings will be done during normal business hours, Monday thru Friday. A heating system not tuned-up/cleaned in two years will be considered neglected and any service calls caused by negligence will be billable.
  11. Force Majeure: Hi-Ho Energy Services Corporation is not responsible for events beyond its control or for acts of God that prohibit Hi-Ho Energy Services Corporation from fulfilling this contract. The customer’s inability to pay for outstanding balances owed cannot be construed as a force majeure.



Parts and Services Excluded From Coverage: 

  1. Service costs related to maintaining insufficient oil levels and “run-outs” when customers are on a “will call” delivery basis or when using a supplemental heat source are not covered.
  2. Parts and labor related to any plumbing are not covered unless specifically listed as parts covered under the “Premium Service Plan.”
  3. Hi-Ho Energy Services Corporation shall be released of liability for loss of heat or any damage resulting from a freeze-up in an unoccupied dwelling (or unattended home), or the home of a customer on “will call” delivery or a customer who has been switched to will call for nonpayment of past-due amounts. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for a daily house check if the customer is away from the premises.
  4. Parts and labor related to air conditioning are not covered.
  5. Noncovered parts and services include but are not limited to: chimney maintenance; piping; radiation; purging lines; steam vents; all valves; expansion tanks; air handlers; fan coils; ductwork; domestic coils; pressure gauges; automatic or clock-type thermostats; repairs to oil lines; removal of water; sediment or sludge from the oil tank; smoke pipes; draft regulators; draft inducers; automatic flue dampers; humidifiers; electronic air cleaners; any part that fails due to any cause other than ordinary use; and failure of customer to maintain proper boiler water level pressure. Any part not listed within this section or referred to within the list of included parts must otherwise be assumed to be a noncovered part. For specific inquiries, please contact a representative of Hi-Ho Energy Services Corporation.
  6. Service calls related to emergency switches turned off or thermostats turned down below room temperature will not be covered
  7. This contract does not insure against fuel tank storage leakage or any damages to persons or property resulting from tank leakage. The customer shall be responsible for the condition of the fuel tank, oil lines and any burner-related problems directly resulting from their poor condition. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with all laws requiring notice to government agencies or officials in the event of a leak from said tank. However, the TankSure Program, if purchased separately, will provide a proactive warranty replacement plan. An ultrasonic tank test will be performed by our technician before your tank can be accepted for enrollment in the TankSure Program. We recommend that an annual test of your fuel tank be performed. The Company will pay the full cost to replace your tank in accordance with the terms of the TankSure Program Limited Warranty in the following situations: if a tank leak occurs due to corrosion once you are on the program, or a non-leaking tank is identified for proactive replacement by the TankSure Tank Analysis Software. A Warranty Certificate will be provided to you.


  • Service will be performed during normal business Monday through Friday 8 am – 4pm (scheduling is subject to availability and weather conditions), excludes holidays.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to schedule their A/C Tune-ups. NO REFUNDS.
  • We reserve the right to inspect air conditioning equipment and this inspection may take place at any time, up to the time of first service call
  • Cooling season defined as May 1- Sept 30
  • Replacement of obsolete parts will be sourced and will be performed on a time and material basis


This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties hereto and there are no promises, terms, conditions or obligations other than those printed herein. By signing the response card and returning it to Hi-Ho Energy Services Corporation, the customer agrees to all terms and conditions listed in this brochure during the term of this plan and any renewals thereof. The customer agrees that in the event there are any changes in coverage in the future, the terms and conditions of this plan shall continue to apply.



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