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Benefits of Heating Oil

Heating Oil has experienced a dramatic change in recent years and is simply a much cleaner, more efficient product than it was even ten years ago. Today the heating oil that Hi-Ho proudly delivers (commonly referred to as Bioheat®) is a healthy, safe, renewable energy made from vegetable oils, recycled restaurant oils, and other natural resources. And, did you know that Bioheat® heating oil is a cleaner, more energy-efficient fuel than even natural gas? That’s right! Today’s Bioheat® is simply the cleanest and greenest heating fuel on the market. As such, Hi-Ho customers experience the many benefits that come from Bioheat® heating oil such as a reduction in heating oil consumption and reduced overall service calls over time. Our customers feel great knowing that the heating oil that Hi-Ho delivers is the most efficient and environmentally friendly product available. The best part? Bioheat® does not cost a single cent more than traditional heating oil and actually puts money back in our customers’ pockets because of the reduction in overall consumption!



Wonderful people, great technicians...always accommodating, prompt, courteous. I highly recommend Hi-Ho Energy Services!

Gary Lazarus

Excellent service department. Prompt efficient and always courteous. Prices are very fair and deliveries made on time. Drivers and technicians are neat and friendly. I highly recommend Hi-Ho to family and friends!

Grayce Mower

Best service I've ever had! The entire staff is polite and helpful.

Jodi Och

Great company with wonderful employees who help with any need. I highly recommend Hi-Ho Energy Services!!!

Salvatore Barracca

I have used Hi-Ho for over 44 years. Excellent customer service!!

Bob Tolomeo

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