Pricing Programs

Pricing Programs

Automatic Delivery Pricing Program Options

At Hi-Ho Energy Services, we realize that what appeals to one customer may not appeal to another. As a result, we have always done our best to offer a variety of pricing programs sure to meet all of the needs of our customers. From predictability to flexibility, and everything in between, we are sure to have something for everyone. And with our SmartPay program, automatic checking withdrawal, and auto credit card charges (including American Express!), paying for the fuel you use has never been easier.

Cap Price Program

Our cap price program is designed to offer customers both protection during a period of increased market pricing, and the ability to save money in a declining market. Essentially this means that your price will never exceed a certain price per gallon regardless of how high the market should climb. However, if prices drop and the market price per gallon is lower than your capped price per gallon on the day of delivery you will be charged the lower amount. Many view this as a “best of both worlds” scenario which is why the cap program is such a popular choice for our customers and one that we highly recommend. In order to secure this cap price, our suppliers require us to purchase insurance against rising fuel costs. This fee is currently 40-cents per gallon and is charged to you upfront based on the number of gallons you wish to protect. Choose the cap program and you will never have to worry about soaring heating oil prices again! For those who do enjoy additional peace of mind, a nice compliment to the Cap Price Program is our monthly SmartPay Program. This gives customers both a protected rate per gallon and a predetermined monthly payment. Take the guesswork out of heating oil prices today with our Cap Price SmartPay Program!

Fixed Price Program

Our fixed price program is perfect for those customers who simply want to eliminate any risk of market increases and who want to know exactly how much per gallon they will be paying for heating oil for the term of their contract. Customers should keep in mind that although they are protected from rising prices, their price per gallon is locked in and will not come down should market prices fall. This is because we are required by law to secure fuel in advance for all customers that elect to sign up for the fixed price program, and we do so as soon as you agree to the price. There is no fee to sign up for the fixed price program. For those who do enjoy additional peace of mind, a nice compliment to the fixed price program is our monthly SmartPay program. This gives customers both a locked in rate per gallon and a predetermined low monthly payment. Take the guesswork out of heating oil prices today with our fixed price SmartPay pay program!

Prebuy Price Program

Hi-Ho’s prebuy program is attractive to those customers who want the security of a fixed price per gallon but who don’t want to worry about having to make payments throughout the year. Those who enroll in the prebuy program lock into a fixed per gallon price, specify the number of gallons that they would like to secure, and then pay the amount due up-front. An incentive to choosing this program is the lowest price per gallon offered. However, the only stipulation with this program is that if the number of gallons purchased up front is less than what is actually used, customers will be charged the market price on the day of delivery for the additional gallons but will also have the option to enter into another type of price protection program. Our customer care team will be happy to present what pricing options are available should this instance arise.

Market Price Program

With our market, or daily, price option, your price will float with the market. If prices drop, your price will drop as well. However, if prices rise, your price rises too. This option is ideal during times of low price volatility, or if you simply have a greater appetite for risk as this option does not offer protection of any kind. It does, however, offer the greatest flexibility as it requires no binding contract or additional fees. With this option, you are free to move into one of our other pricing options should you chose to do so at any time. For those who do enjoy additional peace of mind, a nice compliment to the market price program is our monthly SmartPay program. This gives customers a predetermined monthly payment.



Wonderful people, great technicians...always accommodating, prompt, courteous. I highly recommend Hi-Ho Energy Services!

Gary Lazarus

Excellent service department. Prompt efficient and always courteous. Prices are very fair and deliveries made on time. Drivers and technicians are neat and friendly. I highly recommend Hi-Ho to family and friends!

Grayce Mower

Best service I've ever had! The entire staff is polite and helpful.

Jodi Och

Great company with wonderful employees who help with any need. I highly recommend Hi-Ho Energy Services!!!

Salvatore Barracca

I have used Hi-Ho for over 44 years. Excellent customer service!!

Bob Tolomeo

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